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Auction Lot Videos

Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 1 PM

Beckers Farm

Lot 1- Beckers Converse 2102

Loads of power, deep rib, high capacity. You would look long and hard to
find a better Converse son with calving ease and much more performance
than his sire.

Lot 2 - Beckers Colossal Plus 2116

Long spine, deep rib, calving ease Colossal back to Hoover Dam. Should
make good cows.

Lot 3 - Beckers Colossal 2127

Calving ease, moderate frame, easy keeper with maternal strength. Dam
BR 4@98, YW 4@104.

Lot 4 - Beckers Stunner 2133

Moderate frame, deep rib, well-muscled, calving ease bull out of a first calf
heifer. Stunner 1901 sure stamps his offspring with guts and butts!

Lot 5 - Beckers Stunner the third

Moderate frame, well-muscled, performance, maternal and carcass
strengths out of a first calf heifer. ADJ WW 772 lbs. Recommended for

Lot 6 - Beckers Stunner 2140

Moderate frame, deep rib, calving ease, sleep-all-night bull out of a first
calf heifer.

Lot 7 - Beckers Stunner the second

Moderate frame, easy keeper, calving ease with performance maternal and
carcass strengths out of a first calf heifer. ADJ WW 802 lbs, ratio 114.

Lot 8 - Beckers Stunner 2158

Younger bull, moderate frame, deep rib, well-muscled, calving ease, maternal
and performance out of a first calf heifer. ADJ WW 730 lbs, ratio 103.

Lot 9 - Beckers Stunner 2161

Youngest bull in the offering, double-digit calving ease out of a first calf

Lot 10 - Beckers Capitalist 2129

Deep rib, calving ease with maternal strength from a good Thunder cow.
BR 5@98, YW 3@100.

Lot 11 - Beckers Emerald 2109

Calving ease special here with moderate growth, very maternal bull.

Lot 12 - Beckers Dimond 2111

Calving ease, sleep-all-night. His dam is a Pathfinder cow - keep his heifers.

Lot 13 - Beckers Dimond 2117

Long spine, calving ease with excellent performance with maternal and
carcass strengths out of a 12-year-old cow. BR 7@101, WW 7@103, YW

Lot 14 - Beckers Emerald Crusher 2120

Here is a bull that has it all: calving ease, maternal, carcass and performance. He was the heaviest weaning weight that we have had, and crushed the scale at 964 lbs and will be the heaviest yearling weight bull this year. Dam WW 4@120, YW 2@106.

Lot 15 - Beckers Accomplishment plus 2123

Deep rib, growth bull back to a S A V bred Matriarch cow. We have retained
three herd sires from her. BR 6@100, WW 6@105, YW 6@107.

Lot 16 - Beckers Accomplishment 1 2131

Long spine, thick rascal, well-muscled, calving ease with performance,
maternal and carcass strengths.

Lot 17 - Beckers Consensus 2122

Calving ease Consensus son with top 3% DMI and 4% $EN. Easy keeper
with loads of capacity.

Lot 18 - Beckers Upstart 2112

Nice Upward son will add maternal strength to your herd. Recommended
for cows.

Lot 19 - Beckers Supreme Product

Recommended for large-frame heifers or cows. Dam BR 4@97, WW 4@101,
YW 1@101.

Lot 20 - Beckers Monument 2021

Here is our 2-year-old out of Monumental from our 1407 cow, who goes back to 4136. He is a performance and carcass bull with a very strong maternal dam.

Lot 21 - Beckers King 2134

Performance and maternal strengths, deep rib capacity, and muscle is a
good way to describe this bull. Dam WW 2@103. Recommended on cows.

Lot 22 - Beckers Power King 2143

Well put together Sky King son with performance. Recommended for cows.

Heifer Lot Videos

Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 1 PM

Beckers Farm

2103 A.jpg

Lot 28 - Beckers Elba 2103

Moderate, high capacity, easy doing, calving ease with 3 generations of
maternal and calving ease. She should make a nice cow.

Lot 29 - Beckers Lue Ann 2121

Connealy Emerald bred back to Thunder should be a good combo.

2121-lot 29.png
2124-lot 30.png

Lot 30 - Beckers Lou Ann 2124

Deep ribbed, calving ease Converse back to a 10-year-old Thunder cow, another good maternal prospect. Dam BR 7@89, WW 7@100.

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