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Replacement Heifers

Start your herd out on the right hoof with a heifer that will leave a heritage that your proud of. Peruse through our selection of yearling heifers to add to your existing herd or as your first purchase.

Replacement Heifers: Products

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Video and photography on 2-12-23

Replacement Heifers: Products

Lot #38 - Beckers Countess 2211

lot 38 pic.png

Calving ease with moderate growth, carcass and maternal strengths. True North daughters will make good cows. Her grandam is the Dam of the highest selling bull last year he went to Vinning, MN.

Lot #39 - Beckers Rose 2201

lot 39 pic.png

She is bred for calving ease with maternal strength. She has 4 straight AI sires in her pedigree she will be a smaller to moderate frame female.

Lot #40 - Beckers Lou Ann 2202

lot 40 pic.png

She is bred for calving ease top 10% for CED and 4% for BW with maternal strength, with carcass CAB. We lost her 10 year old Dam early spring did not supplement her left her to fend for herself, robbing from whom ever she could so she is a smaller calf.

Lot #41 - Beckers Lou Ann 2236

lot 41 pic.png

Moderate BW good performance with maternal strengths top 10% $M. Linz Exemplify daughter back to a freedom bred cow she is long spined she should make a good cow.

Lot #42 - Beckers Countess 2251

lot 40 pic.png

Light to moderate birth weight, calving ease and maternal strengths. Dam production WW 3@100 YW 1@107.

Lot #43 - Beckers Lou Ann 2254

lot 43 pic.png

Here is a clean fronted curve bender calving ease with performance Monument daughter.

Lot #44 - Beckers May 2263

lot 44 pic.png

She is line bred to the Schaffs Angus Valley May cow family her dam is an embryo transplant SAV Cow.

Lot #45 - Beckers Elba 2253

lot 45 pic.png

Calving ease and maternal, low energy moderate frame stunner heifer. 3 year old Dams production WW 2@104 YW 1@105.

Lot #46 - Beckers Elba 2262

2262 EPD 2-10-23.jpg

She is nice looking deep body out of a three year old dam, her production record is BR 2@99 WR 2@104.

Lot #47 - Beckers Blackcap Lady 2271

2271 EPD 2-10-23.jpg

This calf is the youngest in the offering, SAV bred on the topside out of a very productive young cow she has BR 2@92 and WR 2@105.

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