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Lot #1 - Beckers Colossal 2219

Double digit calving ease Musgrave Colossal son he is very stout easy doing lots of capacity like his sire line bred to Capitalist 028 we love our 028 daughters should make exhalent cows 205 WW 755lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1


Lot #2 - Beckers True North 2225

Double digit sleep all night two generation calving ease maternal, and carcass CAB strength. He has moderate frame stout heavy muscle especially for a double digit calving ease son. Marbling in the top 15%.


Lot #3 - Beckers True North 2207

Curve bender True North calving ease with performance good marbling out of a first calf heifer from a maternal cow family he is well balanced with good depth and capacity.


Lot #4 - Beckers Plus 2222

Calving ease with moderate growth, maternal and carcass CAB strength he is long, deep and thick. his dam is from the Musgrave program BR 4@94 WW 3@101 his 205-day WW 821 lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1263


Lot #5 - Beckers Plus 2216

calving ease maternally bred with carcass CAB logo easy keeping with length, muscle, and depth of rib. ADJ 365 WT 1210


Lot #6 - Beckers Plus 2213

Double digit sleep all night calving ease prospect with three generations of calving ease sires in his papers, he is low energy easy keeping kind he is moderate frame E&B Plus One son. ADJ 365 WT 1080


Lot #7 - Beckers Hedge Fund 2220

Curve bender three generations of calving ease with performance he is in the top 3% for WW and YW. He has lots of capacity, length of spine and muscling 205-day WW 818 lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1296


Lot #8 - Beckers Sensational 2223

Curve bender calving ease, performance, maternal, and carcass CAB strength. Back to the good Elba cow family he is a balanced deep and large capacity Steller son 205-day WW 773lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1274


Lot #9 - Beckers Emerald 2221

Big time performance in the top 1% WW and 1% YW he is a powerful individual his dam is a Royal Lady cow family that stems back to the famous Bon View herd, her production BR4@90 WR4@109, we have used three of this Pathfinder dam as our herd sires. He was the heaviest actual WW this year at 952 lbs his 205-day was 881 lbs. This picture does not do him any justice you have to see him to appreciate the power he offers. ADJ 365 WT 1481


Lot #10 - Beckers Emerald 2233

Performance and performance with carcass CAB logo. This bull is a tank he weaned of his Dam at 936lbs his 205-day adjusted WW was 898lbs making him our heaviest 205-day weight this year and he has not slowed down he is a larger frame bull recommended for cows, if you are looking to add pounds to your calf crop are going to finish them off he would be an excellent choice, and he is maternal as well his Dam WR 4@112. He is in the breeds top WR 2%, YR1%, RADG1% he is in the top 1-25% on 19 traits. ADJ 365 WT 1463


Lot #11 - Beckers Emerald 2235

Double digit calving ease with moderate growth lower energy type. Another nice Emerald son his insight Dam records A BR 3@86 WR 3@99 YR 1@101. ADJ 365 WT 1190


Lot #12 - Beckers Emerald 2239

Moderate birth weight and performance top 25% for WW he is carcass as well CAB logo with maternal strengths recommended for cows, he is a deep rib high capacity well-muscled and free moving Emerald son. his dam is from a very maternal cow family she is a first calf heifer did a nice job his ratio 109 at 788lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1298


Lot #13 - Beckers Emerald 2205

Curve bender calving ease, growth, maternal, carcass CAB logo goes back to Net Worth on bottom side should make a good combo. ADJ 365 WT 1193


Lot #14 - Beckers Emerald 2242

Recommended for cows, another good-looking Emerald son he has good length and capacity. High marbling, carcass CAB logo and maternal strength top 10% $M. ADJ 365 WT 1222


Lot #15 - Beckers Emerald 2243

Recommended for cows, performance bull in the top 5% weaning and 10% yearling weight with big ribeye another deep rib high capacity Emerald son.


Lot #16 - Beckers Diamond 2249

Recommended for cows, high performance top 10% for WW and YW, 4% for RADG, and 1% for ribeye back to a maternal Hoover Dam cow another free moving long spine Emerald son. ADJ 365 WT 1330


Lot #17 - Beckers Converse 2218

Curve bender calving ease LT Converse son with performance and maternal strength, deep thick powerful easy doing kind. 205-day WW 790 lbs ratio 109. ADJ 365 WT 1284


Lot #18 - Beckers Conversation 2227

Light to moderate birth weight with top 25% for performance with maternal strength top and bottom, out of a first calf heifer from an embryo transfer Musgrave Primrose cow family that produced Musgrave Big Sky. Ratio 109 205-day WW 789lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1269


Lot #19 - Converse Beckers 2204

Curve bender double digit calving ease Converse son with performance, maternal and carcass strength, CAB logo he is in the top 10 – 25% for 13 Trates, he is out of a first calf heifer that’s stems from the Bear Mountain program 205-day WW 708 lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1220


Lot #20 - Beckers Converse 2209

Curve bender calving ease with performance deep body thick rascal out of a first calf Musgrave Stunner heifer from the Bear Mountain Jamie cow family. WW ratio 106 at 205-day WT 768 lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1261


Lot #21 - Beckers Conversation 2231

Curve bender calving ease with performance in the top 15% for weaning weight, and low energy, long spine and deep rib LT Converse son with 205 day WW of 790 ratio 109, Dams production record is BR3@91 and WR 3@102. ADJ 365 WT 1224


Lot #22 - Beckers Example 2240

He is a performance top 10% WW and 15% YW with a big ribeye good carcass number longer spine bull recommended for cows. ADJ 365 WT 1139


Lot #23 - Beckers Monument 2257

Double digit sleep all night calving ease top 4% CED 10% BW Monument son with maternal strengths top 10% $M. ADJ 365 WT 1140


Lot #24 - Beckers Monument 2259

Recommended for cows, here is a bull out of an ET cow that’s SAV (Schaffs Angus Valley) bred, their program is well known for their performance and females. Here is a maternally bred bull out of the famous May cow family. ADJ 365 WT 1100


Lot #25 - Beckers King 2258

Recommended for cows, here is a deep body high capacity Sky King son back to an embryo transfer Everelda Entense cow that goes back to 1905. ADJ 365 WT 1130


Lot #26 - Beckers King 2264

Recommended for cows, another good Sky King son with good performance and maternal strength he has good length and depth. He is line bred to Connealy Capitalist and the SAV May cow family. His Dam is an embryo transplant that is SAV bred for performance and females. Dam WW ratio 7@102 his 205-day WW 792lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1194


Lot #27 - Beckers Sky King 2267

Recommended for cow’s Sky King son back to an embryo transfer cow from the Musgrave program her grandam is the Dam of $140,000 Musgrave Big Sky, with SAV and Musgrave top and bottom should make a good bull. He is the youngest bull in the offering. ADJ 365 WT 1097


Lot #28 - Beckers Stunner 2260

Recommended for large frame heifers are cows he is in the top 10% for WW and 15%  YW he is a stout deep rib high capacity Stunner son out of an embryo transfer. SAV bred Emblynette first calf heifer his ratio 106 205-day WW 765lbs. ADJ 365 WT 1243


Lot #29 - Beckers Stunner 2244

Curve bender calving ease, performance top 20% weaning weight 25% yearling weight and maternal strengths back to a Thunder cow keep his heifers, 205-day WW 856lbs. Another tank deep ribbed large capacity long spined heavy muscled calving ease prospect. His picture does not do him any justice you have to check him out. ADJ 365 WT 1445


Lot #30 - Beckers Stunner 2245

Three generation calving ease top 1% CED and 1% for BW sleep all night with maternal strengths lower energy easy keeping kind. ADJ 365 WT 1105


Lot #31 - Beckers Stunner 2255

Recommended for cows, he is maternal, keep his heifers. out of a very good 11-year-old Royal Lady cow that stems back to the famous Bon View herd. ADJ 365 WT 1124


Lot #32 - Beckers Stunner 2265

Another three generation double digit calving ease highly maternal, low energy, moderate frame, good capacity with muscle Stunner son. Out of a first calf heifer. ADJ 365 WT 1116


Lot #33 - Beckers Stunner 2261

Another three generation double digit calving ease sleep all night Stunner son top 1% for CED and BW and maternal strength out of first calf heifer. He is another moderate frame low energy easy doing deep thick and balanced. ADJ 365 WT 1101


Lot #34 - Beckers Stunner 2167

Curve bender here double-digit calving ease with performance and maternal strengths top 10% $M 3% $W 25% Marbling 1% for scrotal EPD. Line bred to Royal Lady family moderate frame low energy well-muscled for a calving ease prospect.


Lot #35 - Beckers Stunner 2168

Curve bender calving ease with performance in the top 20% for WW and YW, maternal. He is well balanced with added depth and capacity.


Lot #36 - Beckers Stunner 2172

Curve bender calving ease with performance and maternal strength, he is another deep body, high-capacity Stunner son.


Lot #37 - Beckers Stunner 2171

Recommended for cow’s, he is a performance bull with maternal strengths maternal strengths top 15% $M, 10% WW, 25% WW, and 3% $W. His dam is an embryo transplant cow, a flush sister to the dam of Tag# 2267 from the Musgrave program her grandam is the Dam of $140,000 ABS sire Musgrave Big Sky. Note waiting for genetic test.

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Photography on 1/15/23
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